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Lat-Lon, LLC 2015

9 usd

This Lat-Lon tool is for existing Lat-Lon product owners and website user. Using the same login and password as from a desktop, it is used to review product information transmitted.Retrieve information remotely with the added feature of proximity from the internal GPS of the mobile Android device in use.
Four Features Enable Users To:
- View Messages – See the details of what is occurring from devices and customize information from your desktop as administrator in the Mobile Reports.
- Determine Which Units Are Nearby – Set your radius from settings in the app and see any of your units in range.
- View Alerts – narrow down information to only those units reporting Impacts, Temperature Alerts, Security Issues, Geo-Fence Alarms, or other warnings.
- Navigate To A Specific Unit – Choose one of your units and instantly know the distance, and direction from the last message transmitted. Complete with a virtual compass, this feature makes retrieving units quick and easy.